Importing Textpattern to WordPress 3.5

January 31st, 2013
By: Cory Mathews

I was looking to import an old site running Textpattern v4.2.0 to WordPress 3.5.1. I found this crappy plugin which never worked. So I had to find another easy way.

RSS should work.

It appeared the Textpattern site never had an RSS feed so to create one I went to Presentations > Pages > and created one called rss and added the content

<txp:feed_link section="" category="" limit="1000"/>

Then if you go to you will hopefully get all the posts from your site.

Save that file to your comp and open up wordpress.

In wordpress go to Tools > Import > RSS > Install the Plugin

Then select the feed file you saved and it will add all the posts to wordpress for you.

This won’t import anything except the content of the post so if the plugin would have worked it would have been a lot nicer, but it got the content from textpattern into wordpress.