Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘html’ and ASP.NET 2010

April 8th, 2010
By: Cory Mathews

I finally got fed up with “Warning Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘html’” enough today that I spent some time to figure out what was causing all the warnings on every html or even <asp> tag I had in my .aspx pages. Every time I would build my project I would get tons of warnings such as

Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘html’
Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘div’
Validation ($SCHEMA$): Element ‘table’
blah.. on and on they went.

The warnings however were not the problem, it was that IntelliSense would stop working when these were present.

How to Fix it

Crazy enough it seems that the default validation for html in Visual Studio 2010 is.. nothing. So nothing validates.

I knew that Microsoft didn’t care about web standards but damn.

Go to Tools > Options > Text Editor > HTML > Validation > select one of the options.

I also disabled the show errors checkbox, mainly because I really don’t care about everything that does not validate.