WordPress Paging Style

April 16th, 2008
By: Cory Mathews

Recently Jens Törnell over at http://www.jenst.se/ wrote a plugin that

“I made a paging navigation plugin for WordPress that will be an alternative to the “Next page” and “Previous page“. Instead it uses numbers which makes it easier for users to choose what page to go to. It also makes a tighter internal link structure which makes it easier for search engines to find your posts.”

He included a couple basic themes, But earlier today I re-stylized the “tiny” theme to be this dark grey color scheme. So now I am going to share this with you.

Here is a preview of the style.

Now the css for the style. After you set up this plugin for yourself change the “tiny” style to the css I provided.

To get this wordpress plugin for yourself head over to http://www.jenst.se/2008/03/29/wp-page-numbers and follow his instructions.